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Joseph Gregory Hallett declares King George V illegitimate, 1 / 22 November 2019

This Affidavit proves and declares King George V was illegitimate and Edward VII was not his father.

King George V (R. 1910–36) of the UK was conceived in Denmark by Tsar Alexander III of Russia, while the UK’s King Edward VII (R. 1901–10) was in Sweden, 4 days sail away. This was done in a Black Moon month, which Russians and Scandinavians consider auspicious for a king’s conception. King George V was illegitimate and looked near identical to his half-brother Tsar Nicholas II.

Joseph Gregory Hallett declares Patent Ambiguity QEII's Royal Style and Titles, 1 / 22 November 2019

This Affidavit proves and declares Elizabeth II has never been Queen. 

Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Style and Titles, Proclamation, The London Gazette Supplements, Coronation Oath, Titles and Honours, and Stationery Office are a patently ambiguous subversive conspiracy of schemed intrigues, machinations and fraud, to falsely take the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. 

2 June 1953 was not called Elizabeth’s Coronation, because it was the Coronation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.