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Note: This has been replaced with Statement of Claim in support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares the Illegitimate Conception of King George V of the United Kingdom
in SRA4 cream linen watermarked paper, witnessed again on 5 April 2020, lodged in the Common Law Court on 6 April 2020, then posted out and received by 10:14 a.m. on 8 April 2020. This is about 10 Documents further up this page.

This Affidavit proves and declares King George V was illegitimate and Edward VII was not his father.

King George V (R. 1910–36) of the UK was conceived in Denmark by Tsar Alexander III of Russia, while the UK’s King Edward VII (R. 1901–10) was in Sweden, 4 days sail away. This was done in a Black Moon month, which Russians and Scandinavians consider auspicious for a king’s conception. King George V was illegitimate and looked near identical to his half-brother Tsar Nicholas II.