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pdf logoTHE SEX COLLECTORS, Vol 2: Murders

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THE SEX COLLECTORS – MURDERS – How the World is Run on Shame – Vol II

Something similar to these books were sealed by High Court Judge Stevens to be unsearchable and unreadable … after Stevens had admitted his employer, Chief Justice Sian Elias had murdered the Chief Historian Michael King, using the same police from TSC1, plus the Political Ombudsman. This outlines the Blacklisting, Boiler-Plating, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars attacks on the author, as he was investigating the murder of Chief Historian Michael King on the orders of Prime Minister Helen Clark, carried out by Chief Justice Sian Elias, as well as the remote murder of Sir Peter Blake, after a theft … an outline of this bravely published in The Truth newspaper. People thought the author had bought the paper.