THE SEX COLLECTORS, Vol 3: Heroin Ticket

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THE SEX COLLECTORS – HEROIN TICKET – How the World is Run on Shame – Vol III. The Mayor of Auckland has long been a drug trafficker and CIA asset – all three run by Deloitte, the CIA cover in Auckland, who extort Mayors for their Paedophilia and double the rates to their advantage – one million dollar per month. This information was successfully used to get off traffic tickets.

NATO gave Prime Minister Helen Clark 10 kg of Heroin to find a new market and distribute free, as the condition for New Zealand joining NATO. Helen Clark was then removed. The new Prime Minister then sent the Head of the Terrorism Squad and his 2IC around to the author. They apologising that Members of Parliament ask them to visit certain people – to see how much they knew of the nation’s secrets.

The Head of the Mr Asia Heroin Trafficking syndicate became the President of the Law Society, and claimed defamation, but admitted to being a lapsed homosexual, then had all the evidence suppressed on account that it was embarrassing to the Judiciary, then had a secret hearing without the author notified. “PA” was then killed by the Chief Justice. The author was the target of the Heroin, and every time he moved, so did the Heroin Gang-stalkers. The Chief Justice finally resigned after 33 years with a NZ$3.3 million pay out and completely eradicating nationhood. ‘A nation without a Court is not a nation”.