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Book Format

Our eBooks are in PDF format.

Due to the compression and encryption used, you will need to make sure that you are using the most recent version of Adobe Reader. This is also true if you are reading the book on a smartphone or pad.

You can download Adobe Reader free from Adobe here:
If you are on a smartphone or pad, please download the Adobe Reader app from the appropriate App Store for your device.



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This is where some people get confused.
Please read the PayPal page closely -- we cannot help you do this.

NOTE: It can take up to :30-munites for the Confirmation of Payment from PayPal to appear. Please be patient.


Downloading Your eBook

Once your payment been successfully completed you should receive two emails in your email account.

  • The first one is a copy of your order.
  • The second one shows that your order is now changed to 'Confirmed'.
    There will also be a link to DOWNLOAD the book(s) you purchased in this email.

If you had Created an Account you can also log into your account (it is in the Shop menu) and click on DOWNLOADS to download your purchases.
The LOGIN button is located at the bottom right of any page.

If you DO NOT receive any emails after purchasing our books, please check the SPAM folder from your webmail interface. If it is in there then please WHITELIST our email address and domain so that it does not get trapped again. If the emails are NOT in the SPAM folder, then you probably typed your email incorrectly when in the Checkout area. Please Contact Us and let us know so that we can fix it.


Book License

You get five (5) attempts to download the eBooks. The download links will expire after one (1) month.
It is advisable that you download an extra copy to keep as a backup in an offsite or cloud backup.

No, the extra downloads are not so that you can give these PDFs to your friends. 
Your purchase is for one (1) single license of the book.