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The Real Deal
Hallett / Fetzer, Ep 12,  16 April 2019

The Real Deal (16 April 2019), Greg Hallett on the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire and Merlin, suggesting that it has symbolic meaning for the Throne of England as a Fire of Renewal, which initially sounds rather odd until you add up the totality of signs that appear to hold significance. I have been unable to find any flaws in his argument. (Dr Jim Fetzer PhD in Logic).


Counter-Intelligence and Controlled Opposition 
Hallett / Fetzer, Ep 11,  April 2019

Counter-Intelligence and Controlled Opposition, Episode  11: Outing Max Igan, Ken O'Keefe, Vinny Eastwood, Prof. George Lees, John Paterson a.k.a. Peter Green, Peter Johnson, Johnson Farqwar, and Mark Windows a.k.a. Mark Windsor, Mark Creighthorne, Mark Alexander Scott  


Crimechurch Feminist Fraudsters
Hallett / Fetzer, Ep 10,  3 April 2019

Crimechurch Feminist Fraudsters – introducing the New Nigerian Muslim Massacre Scam & Hag of the Moon Manifesto, 3 April 2019, Hallett-Fetzer

99.9998% of Muslim Massacres are faked and in Christchurch are given Government Protection to fake 50 deaths and 50 gunshot injuries, with 70 Interpol DVIO Agents flying in dead muslim bodies from overseas on the Coffee Run, then sharing in the $20 million Fundraiser, while giving muslims greater rights and Govt. protection to be pedophiles under the guise of religion.

NZ Police remove Air Guns and Replica Guns, as this is what was used in the ‘massacre’.

NZPM Jacinda Ardern paid Hillary Clinton $5.5 million on 17 May 2018 to run the Christchurch Muslim Massacre Fraud. Clinton wrote the Shooter’s Manifesto and even mentions the Electoral College and the Democratic Party ... and their plan, ‘The Great Replacement’, to remove everyone from New Zealand and replace them with Muslims, Chinese, Lesbians, Gays and Pedophiles, with only stupid deconstructed New Zealander’s left … so when the Genocide happens, no one is particularly bothered. China then gets to open cast mine New Zealand and the United States debt is paid.

The Linwood mosque has many dead getting up and walking – so it’s a homemade Zombie movie via cell phone, but with No Guns and No Gunshots. The unnamed Black Muslim Voodoo Doctor Con Man applies Stage Blood to himself and others, teaches his son to do the same, then sings mind-control mumblings (m. prayers) in front of 20,000 defrauded Christchurch Suckers. The purported Gunman had two vehicles – both belonged to the NZ Security Intelligence Service, so it was an Inside Job.

It’s all a big con for which the Government is paying $1million+ per surrendered Gun. This is the end of truth in New Zealand.

Greg Hallett warned of this in 2007 in ‘New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide’ ... and in 'The Sex Collectors', 2009–10. These have now been Book-Banned.


Crimechurch Charity Fraud
Hallett ft Fetzer, Ep 9, 2 April 2019

‘Crimechurch Charity Fraud’ (Hallett–Fetzer 2 April 2019) exposes the new Nigerian Scam – Bad Muslim Crisis Actors Faking Massacres using Dummy Guns, Dummy Bodies, Dummy Blood, and filmed practice runs. Here a Jordanian Agent Hairdresser, not in the Mosque, goes straight to Hospital where he is Photographed in his Controller's Glasses to cover the lack of redness around his eyes. Despite two gunshot wounds to the stomach and hip (10 days in Hospital) he was released two days later, and $46,000 richer, plus his share of the $20 million Muslim Massacre Charity Fraud.

Mainstream TV Interviews 'Carl Pomare Witness' and finishes with "Thanks for the joke". The Deputy Police Commissioner uses Bible reference 4:40–50 to alert those in the know that ‘the sirens and women are wailing, but their sons are alive', and even gives the time 1–2 p.m., then states where Christ is from and where he is now.
It’s code, and All Codes should be revealed.


Schoosting Christchurch, Hallett-Fetzer
Hallett ft Fetzer, Ep 8, 20 March 2019

YouTube has continually taken down this video. So it is being hosted alternatively.

Schoosting Christchurch
Greg Hallett and Jim Fetzer frame by frame the Christchurch False Flag mosque massacre as a shock-testing terror event entirely arranged by the Socialist Prime Minister Jacinda Adern who gave NZ$5 million to Hillary Clinton to arrange the event - done badly. The NZPM already had the Gun Control papers drawn up. Jacinda Adern emerged as a transvestite and Rome had John Podesta predict it as the Second Coming - in Christ-Church. Christ gets the devil to name him - it's all so Roman Ides of March ...


Mashiach v Messiah, The Son of Man,
Hallett ft Fetzer, Ep 7, 9 March 2019

Pateo Television No 49, Johan Oldenkamp
featuring Greg Hallett, 22 January 2019

Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 5)

Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 4)

Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 3)

Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 2)

Gregory Hallett interviewed by Ken Cousens of Gemstone University (Part 1)


Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Rothschild,
and British Royal Family Connections