Episode 19: Royal Family, Rothschild’s Empire, Epstein … three days after Boris Johnson became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Jim Fetzer Interviews Joseph Gregory Hallett 27 July 2019

The Israeli Spa Program uses the Flat Lie Royal family of illegitimate usurpers in the UK to cover for Jeffrey Epstein and The Clinton Gold Heist. The "Spa" program is like a Sauna & Massage ... continuing all the way down to Pedophilia & Pedovore. 

We’ve been living in a Non-Reality. We’re about to realize what we’ve been missing - what life should be like.

 The Mafia have had offices in the White House since 1981 … Terror-forming Earth from the White House.

The Destabilization of the World can only happen when the person at the top is a fraud – and that’s Queen Elizabeth II.

We’ve been living in a Non-Reality since Coronation Day 1953 which was actually the Coronation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars and not Elizabeth.

According to the Style Manuals, THE LONDON GAZETTE and even The London Gazette are a different font and style from Published by Authority. So they are to be read on different pages as different languages. Therefore The London Gazette is not Published by Authority and this is their confession that Elizabeth is not a Princess and never a Queen.

According to the Style Manuals, THE LONDON GAZETTE entry of Elizabeth as Queen, legally translates as: Elizabeth is a moot point hearsay suffix delinquent Queen of No Lands and No People … where Patent Ambiguity falls against the Crown.

The Reality Check: The Rothschilds have bred the British Royal family since 1815. Elizabeth II is 3/16th Rothschild and is Not the daughter of King George VI (R. 1936–52) nor of King George V (R. 1910–36).

The Flat Lie British Royal family are a Mafia family – the biggest Heroin Traffickers in the World.

We own the Caduceus to Trade as the Monarch of the United Kingdom. “We” = authors of ‘The Hidden King of England’.

The Magna Carta is Fake. There are four Certified Copies of an original that was NEVER signed, sealed, or stamped … and Never existed. Not one copy was ever stapled to a Church or Court as a Notice. The only person who can certify the Magna Carta is the next King John [III] i.e. Joseph Gregory Hallett.

STATUS: The Fulfillment of Predictions … No Stone left unturned.

The elevated are Heroin Traffickers, Drug Traffickers, Pedophiles and Arms Dealers … and these Royalty are not actually Royalty either. Terrorism comes from Buckingham Palace Whitehall Palace and Westminster Palace.

After the Battle of Waterloo Rothschild owned the Breeding Rights to the British Royal Family. Then in Bank in London in early May 2012, the Rothschild Central Bank employed a photographer to capture Joseph Gregory Hallett’s image for the Bank of England brochure – perhaps because he’d uncovered the Homing Pigeon links … and his name was on the UK coins, in the tens of billions.

The Fulfillment of Predictions have fruit.

Joseph Gregory Hallett represented the End Times–New Age and asked for confirmation … getting a fly over from the President of the United States and Queen Elizabeth II.

Joseph Gregory Hallett put out the challenge for the Title giving 45 days notice. Rather than a challenge, there was confirmation. The person who represents the End Times–New Age has the title Christ and is automatically the King of England.

Rev 12:5 The Queen of Babylon gives birth to a man-child. Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to Prince Charles. QEII has given up on her three sons: Prince Chuck, Douche of Cornwall … Prince Andrew – The Illegitimate / young girls … Prince Edward – The Illegitimate / young boys.

In the New Zealand False Flag Christchurch Mosque Massacre on 15 March 2019 the ‘Shooter’ used Replica Air Guns with “141” drawn all over them. 141 days later there was another False Flag Massacre at the Walmart in El Paso on 3 August 2019. Both used the Manifesto written by Jacinda Ardern, Hillary Clinton and the NZSIS.

The International Pikeys – they disturb … Crisis Actors as Cyber Terrorists.

The Clinton Gold Heist, Follow the Money, Gold, Codes, Signs & Predictions. Deep State & Mafia in the White House will self-Execute. We’re living in a Non-Reality. We’ve had a change of command from Tony Blair to Gordon Brown to David Cameron to Theresa May to Boris Johnson … where each Prime Minister selects the next to be worse than themselves.

We’re on the Prophecy Highway … De-financing the Catholic Church … There will be Signs in the End Times, Times of the End, and End of Days, each attributing a Prophecy.

A False Flag raises USD100 million and the Truth raises suspicion ~ No Good Deed goes unpunished.