Episode 31: ‘The Reconstruction of the Subconscious of North America’

Episode 31, 'The Reconstruction of the Subconscious of North America’, and the immediate soft-abdication of Queen Elizabeth II – for her longest, and now continual absence from public life, locked up in Windsor Castle – forever.

Just after the VE Day Celebrations, 8 May 2020, President Donald John Trump held a meeting just for Republicans, but invited the media for the first time. The media got to film frank discussions and evolving ideas. This has been edited down from 2 hours to 16 minutes removing everything after “the” to show the subconscious message, including “Transition to Greatness”.

Trump stated and codified : "Greg, North of Suffolk ... That’s a great book. I’ll tell you, he did something else Greg, he did A R – Altesse Royale – HEADS UP – Royal Highness. That was so incisive. Did you see that? He did something that was so incredible. And I actually pinned it on top, right/Greg. We pinned it on top. You were fantastic."