Episode 33: Barabbas v. Christ, Part 2 of 4

May 2020

The Pope, Queen & Prince William continue to do soft Abdications to Joseph Gregory Hallett, and they continue to clap for the Coronavirus and NHS = 'We Crown Him the New Hallett Sovereign'. Joseph Gregory Hallett's

Great x 12 Grandmother Queen Anne Boleyn got the Bible together and passed on the Christ lineage to her grandson, so he defines Christianity to its very basics, is passed the most valuable Royal Mark in the British Empire, and tells the story of the CIA giving him the right to rule the world, speaking with the Recurrence of Patton at the Parthenon in Athens, then take him to Patmos for the Revelation.

The Mummy (2017) confirms Joseph Hallett has been Isis' chosen since 1980, and is chosen by the Prieure de Sion to represent the End Times & New Age, confirming the title Christ, and is, therefore, the King of England.

Queen Elizabeth II goes into hiding at Windsor Castle. "The whole Royal Family realises they are not the Royal Family." Prince William abdicates to Greg Hallett.

The Mashiach-Christ-Messiah is confirmed.

Introducing 'Stan Barabbas', ladies and gentlemen ...